Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I own this site. I created it. And I abandoned it...sort of. Nah...I did, not sort of, I did! No excuses. I have not forgotten it and just simply found less and less time to write to discuss issues and to simply express, exhale if you must. My 24/7 is actually spent doing a lot of writing about other projects and I realized that to break free from it all,I needed to do something else, away from the writing related to assigned projects all related to my so called "ALL MEDIA" title coined by my good friend Caesar Vallejos whom I also refer to as TF not as in talent fee but as in true friend. Exercise proved to be something else. That broke the routine. Perspiring could be synonymous to inspiring. Singing makes me sane from the avalanche of to do tasks and of late, I am insanely and so seriously thinking of pursuing a singing career on the side. (Reminder to self, insert smiley here!) And so Alas, the craving to break from my daily grind led me back to this space. I am quite surprised, this abandoned blog site got 8,000 plus views according to the counter indicated here in spite of the fact that well---the last entry was that very infamous incident in Luneta in 2010 when the Philippines hugged international headlines again...of epic proportions because of that hostage crisis that tested and exposed the style and kind of leadership we in the Philippines have. Writing takes my whole day--practically alternate with reading, research and interviews....and oh talking too! I do a lot of that. (Walang tirik!) But to make sense to all of these, writing is also my refuge and so to this space I reunite. What brought the inspiration back to this space? The skyline that was before me, a majestic scenery that was a tug of war between darkness and light, ushering the night, signalling the pause of a long and very exhausting day. I looked up the sky, closed my eyes and uttered a prayer. Thank you for the gift of love that is with me every single day, a love that waits and stays, a love that is constantly growing in strength and courage every single day. I return to this site, relieved by the knowledge that it's still mine. (end)

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